About Me:

I am a self-made Latina entrepreneur, internationally recognized model, established singer and television personality. I'm am passionate about fitness, health. I have been Featured in Maxim and Sports Illustrated, FHM and playboy . I've worked with global brands such as UFC, Bebe, Fashion Nova, Guess, and Urban Decay, along with other top names in fashion and fitness.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, I began modeling at 16 years old. I Excelled in a variety of sports in my early experiences with cheer, dance, and gymnastics which ignited a lifelong passion for fitness and health. After attending UNLV I made my television debut as an octagon girl, becoming one of the most consistent UFC personalities on television and traveling the world as a spokesperson for the brand. With a natural talent for audience engagement, I went on host popular shows such as UFC’s Ultimate Insider, Velocity’s Over haulin’, and MTV’s Guy Code, all while building my own unique brand via social media and other platforms .  

Today, I am the founder of a subscription gifting service aptly named “Girlfriend Box.” Originating out of Celeste’s personal experience helping male fans figure out just what to gift their significant others, the Girlfriend Box takes the guesswork and stress out of gifting .  

With the use of my platform and social media I have helped raise funds for causes near to my heart, such as serving underprivileged youth, supporting those affected by natural disasters, and the fostering and adoption of animals. I also started a GoFundMe to help provide medical masks and shields to nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, which raised over $5k in just one month.

My Mental Health Journey:

My mental health journey has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs . I lost my father while my mother was pregnant with me -leaving me with a part of my heart missing- as well as anger, confusion, resentment, and fear. I always felt like if my father was around he could have protected me from certain things. I excelled in school, yet I rebelled and chose to be around people that were not good for my health in anyway . This lead to low self esteem , anxiety , anger , and fear of abandonment . These issues have always arose in and out of my personal relationships especially with my significant others. I still feel that my depression, fears, anxiety’s all pop up still , yet I choose to focus on the good. I believe that we all have trauma and triggers . Some more than others .

What Helps My Mental Health:

Gratitudes lists and simply taking the time to look around and “smell the roses” I have built. such a beautiful life and it seems to be exactly what I wanted - so I choose to happiness . I let my self have bad days and honor the feelings that I feel . Sometimes that means putting on music and dancing silly around my house with my beautiful son, sometimes that means screaming into a pillow, sometime that means crying uncontrollably but purging and releasing those emotions. I realize that I may be having a bad day - but this too shall pass. I choose to believe in a higher power- whether that be god or the universe and I believe that they have my best interest at heart . I meditate as often as possible, I exercise and eat healthy . I schedule self care times and time where I can just be with myself . I try to refocus on the good even when sometimes it can be bad . I think about my mom and how tough she was to endure her loss of my father and raising me to be such a driven and strongwoman and it keeps me going . She’s my everything . It’s a constant rollercoaster, but it’s worth it. My life and happiness is worth it.


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