Derek Du Chesne

CEO and Co-Founder

About Me:

As the CEO and co-founder of Better U, Derek Du Chesne helps transform lives with safe, effective, and affordable psychedelic therapy. After utilizing ketamine therapy to suicidal ideation and depression in 2019, Derek experienced a dramatic transformation after one treatment, which inspired him to collaborate with leaders from Stanford’s Psychedelic Science Center and Depression Research Clinic to explore ways to increase accessibility to psychedelic medicine. After discovering how psychedelics can treat a multitude of mental health challenges, making psychedelic medicine more accessible became his mission. In 2021, Derek partnered with Dr. Sam Zand, a leader in psychiatric and psychedelic medicine, to create Better U. The Better U team is made up of doctors, holistic healers, artists, researchers, therapists, and everyday people who have found personal healing. Their goal is to help individuals rediscover self-love, unlock their innate potential, and promote healing and transformation on a global scale.

My Mental Health Journey:

Derek Du Chesne was a leader in the cannabis sector, responsible for the sale of over $100MM in cannabis-derived products from 2018-2020. Derek has served as the Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Growth Officer for leading brands and has a proven track record in the development and execution of marketing strategies, building commercialization infrastructure, increasing revenue, managing internal sales teams, and overseeing launches and expansions. Earlier in his earlier career, he was an Actor, Producer and Stunt Performer, sharing the screen with icons like Michael C. Hall, Julia Stiles, Bruce Willis, and Robert DeNiro. Since his Mother had an animal rescue for abused pets, Derek discovered a deep love for animal welfare, becoming an active volunteer with Animal Tracks, a nonprofit sanctuary that saves exotic pets. Derek thrives in emerging industries with a goal-oriented spirit and is dedicated to improving mental wellness for all.

What Helps My Mental Health:

Discovering what helps me mentally and emotionally has been a lifelong journey. Believe it or not, daily affirmations, breathwork, gratitude practice, and goal setting have been game-changers for me. These practices might seem a bit woo-woo at first, but trust me when I say that they work wonders! ‍ Growing up, we're taught to exercise to stay in shape and build muscle, but nobody told me how critical exercise is for my mental health. Sweating every day has been an incredible way for me to hold myself accountable and stay on track toward my goals. It's also a fantastic way to cultivate positive self-talk and boost my overall happiness, checking that off the to-do list every morning builds momentum! Life is motion! Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining mental and emotional well-being. It's essential to remember that happiness is a journey, not a destination. That's why it's crucial to try different practices and see what resonates with you. Once you find something that works, sprinkle in other practices to enhance your overall well-being. I do ketamine therapy monthly for a reset and to do a deep-dive to reconnect with myself. This helps me to realign, reflect, and spend quality me-time by stepping off the hamster wheel! Remember, you are worthy of taking care of yourself and you are worthy of love. By prioritizing self-care practices like affirmations, breathwork, gratitude, and goal-setting, you can create a positive and fulfilling life for yourself. Remember that no matter how turbulent things may get, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and we are here to help. Sending love and light your way!